Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Yesterday. It was 80 degrees. And then today. This magical thing happened where I needed to wear Ugg boots and I saw my breath and Starbucks was packed with jolly coffee fiends who subsequently needed to get warm. Nikka and I got all dressed up and people complimented our coats but she would be all, "It's hers," point to me, but she doesn't have to do that because she's wearing the coat and it looks good on her so therefore the compliment is for her. It's so cold that I forgot that if you wake up and put in a disc of Gilmore Girls sooner than you know it you'll be on the next disc and then Lorelai and Luke break up. How did I forget that? It's really sad and I'm never going to do that or be stupid like she was. Especially after this weekend. But it's cold outside and I like it and I crave sushi and tea and cookie dough. And all summer I bought these boots and coats and now I can wear them without looking like I just walked into Texas from the North Pole where I would assume it is boot and coat weather year round.  

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miss rachel michele said...

i love you.... in a non lesbian way. its true