Saturday, November 28, 2009

things you don't know

  • Among the greatest experiences of my life was the time about 5 weeks ago when I successfully completely every square in the NYT crossword.
  • I do not know how to spell 'weird', and just about 2 years ago I learned how to spell 'awesome'.
  • I think about exactly three things all day- going to the gym, reading my scriptures, and if I'm going to spend or save money. As far as priorities go, you could say mine don't suck.
  • Another high point of my life was 2 Christmas' ago when I was lost and confused but after a 4 month hiatus from Chocolate, I ate half of a Special Edition Reese's Christmas Tree. The joy can only compare to that which came from the white fruit in Lehi's Dream.
  • I love my mom, I love my blonde hair and I love my religion- but I take no offense to jokes about either because anyone ignorant enough to tell them doesn't deserve attention
  • Masochism is not a strong enough word for the faith I put in undeserving men.
  • For my 22nd birthday I gave myself the gift of anti-aging serum and skin overnight skin repair. I use both religiously.
  • Every night I have a different weird dream that I can never remember. I only remember the way they made me feel and that feeling makes me want to stay awake forever.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I know I said New Moon gave me perspective but clearly I was being dramatic. The book has the worst of happy endings where she realizes her grief was unnecessary because he only left her because he loved her. Meow. Lame. I need a new mourning muse.

I resorted to the one thing that will never fail to give me perspective. Spending the afternoon in an orphanage in Mexico. How can you be less happy than children who have nothing? You can't. How about that for looking at the bigger picture. . .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you're smart you'll realize this has very little to do with pimples

Makeup is a band-aid fix. If I choose to eat miniature reeses for lunch on Friday, I will wake up on Saturday with new friends on my face only concealable with copius amounts of bare minerals. The makeup doesn't take away the redness or the pain, it just hides it for a while. I'm all about those band-aid fixes. Distractions that keep you from thinking about the one thing you want to think about. The fact of the matter is that eventually you get sick of the distractions, you take off the bandaid, you remove the makeup. What remains is the same sore that was there before. It has been strategically ignored but is ready to hurt you until you pay attention to it.