Tuesday, February 24, 2009

vitamin d therapy

Today these sun is shining and when the weather exhibits uncharacteristic seasonal patterns it always give me uncharacteristic hope. It's like the time I was in Houston in October and it snowed and for some reason I just thought I could do anything because of the defiance of the weather. Well today I have that feeling and I just want to do everything. This is what got me to sell pest control last year. My boss took me out to lunch when the sun was shining and I just thought "Why not? I can do anything." We are going out to lunch this week, too so let's hope it's starts snowing again so I can enjoy my summer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sittin' on top of the world

I could get used to this.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I can count on my 3 fingers the amount of times I have cried from television, and even then I don't know if it counts because most of the time I watch television to keep from crying and those three times it didn't work. So the tears either came from the Katie/huble breakup or the horrible life experience

Very often I dress up for school like it's a fashion show because I can't find a reason not to.

My friends find it weird that I haven't put any thought into my dream wedding. Actually, I have put thought, one thought: ELOPE.

I dream about being younger and I dream about being older but I don't dream about being here. Who does?

There's no way to swing it, Sourkraut is a STRANGE food.

I want for people to know how I feel but I am afraid to voice it.

I have HATED Blue's Clues since the beginning of that dumb cracked out homosexual running around singing redundant songs about Crack and San Francisco.

I would rather be over accessorized than the opposite.

Barack Obama is the man. It's possible that I'm single because I only have eyes for 1 man. And guess what? He's liberal. And guess what? He rocks America corrupted and debt-ridden socks off.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

not very creative today

Where is your cell phone? HANDBAG
Your hair? SCENTED
Your father?AMAZING
Your favorite thing?ATTENTION
Your dream last night?WISHFUL
Your favorite drink? WATER
Your dream goal? FAMILY
The room you are in? LIBRARY
Your fear? FAILURE
Where do you want to be in 6 years? MARRIED
One of wish list items? CHANEL
Where did you grow up? TEXAS
The last thing you did? CANDY
What you are wearing? NORDSTROM
Your t.v.? TINY
Your pets? EW
Your computer? PERFECT
Your mood? WHATEVER
Missing someone? SURPRISINGLY
Your car? UNBOUGHT
Favorite store? NORDSTROM
Your favorite color? BLUE
The last time you laughed? FAKE
Last time you cried? DUNNO
Where would you rather be right now? SEATTLE

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And right now a thousand words are better than any picture

I would go to the Galleria and someone in every store would recognize me. Well, not every store, but the ones I hit weekly: Nordstrom, Aldo, Nine West, Bakers, Steve Madden, Godiva, Betsey Johnson, Juicy, Burberry, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Louis Vuitton, and Payless. I started watching Lipstick Jungle and dreamt about being Victory Ford and being totally beautiful and mysterious and down-to-earth and falling in love with someone who was coincidentally a billionaire and who’s idea of a date was a trip to Japan. Mon-Sun I went to bed before midnight and woke up early because I loved my job and I loved my boss and I loved my customers and I loved the challenge of the market and my learning curve and working in a Man’s World and my commute and my hotel bed. Nikka and I did everything together when I was not working. The receptionist at her school stopped asking questions after the tenth time of me showing up wanting to take her somewhere for “lunch” (The Mall). Gosh I shopped a lot. Mostly at The Domain if I was in Austin. Part of me dreaded coming back to school because Provo shopping sucks. Also because, I had experienced college life before and it was nothing like this. The other part of me craved my young-adulthood, it craved budgets and dysfunctional relationships and professors that don’t quite understand when you can’t make it to a Friday morning class because you got home at 4 a.m. after 80’s dancing. I did practical things like have double dates with my parents and make smoothies for breakfast. I didn’t have time to work out but I didn’t have time to eat either. When I did eat it was fancy: upscale Sushi joints and Steakhouses and restaurants with names like La Vita that are opulent and have personalized hand towels in the bathroom, 2 or 3 times a week. And that was just a perk of the relationship, the functional adult relationship, nothing like a college relationship. My brothers were my pride and joy. They were always there to make me laugh. I bought a Mac Book for fun so we could mess around on PhotoBooth. They loved making themselves look like they only had one eye. That’s all they ever did picture after picture of them looking like complete aliens. One time Nikka and I thought it would be completely hilarious to dress up like cowgirls and go down to the ranch. We ended up spending an hour and half taking a million pictures and didn’t even get on a horse the whole time we were down there because we’d spent so long on our outfits. It was the funniest thing we’ve ever done, the photo shoot that is, the rest was just details. Part of me felt a little incomplete without school but only because for 16 straight years in August or September I sharpened my pencils and bought binders and a new backpack and set off for a new year of school and a diversion from a custom I have always had is not something I typically enjoy. Looking back now I realize that semester was my way of not letting school get in the way of my education.