Saturday, November 28, 2009

things you don't know

  • Among the greatest experiences of my life was the time about 5 weeks ago when I successfully completely every square in the NYT crossword.
  • I do not know how to spell 'weird', and just about 2 years ago I learned how to spell 'awesome'.
  • I think about exactly three things all day- going to the gym, reading my scriptures, and if I'm going to spend or save money. As far as priorities go, you could say mine don't suck.
  • Another high point of my life was 2 Christmas' ago when I was lost and confused but after a 4 month hiatus from Chocolate, I ate half of a Special Edition Reese's Christmas Tree. The joy can only compare to that which came from the white fruit in Lehi's Dream.
  • I love my mom, I love my blonde hair and I love my religion- but I take no offense to jokes about either because anyone ignorant enough to tell them doesn't deserve attention
  • Masochism is not a strong enough word for the faith I put in undeserving men.
  • For my 22nd birthday I gave myself the gift of anti-aging serum and skin overnight skin repair. I use both religiously.
  • Every night I have a different weird dream that I can never remember. I only remember the way they made me feel and that feeling makes me want to stay awake forever.

1 comment:

Cami said...

i also HATED it when you werent eating sweets....thank heavens we can fall off beds eating cookies now. sheeesh. i love your blonde hair. i also love that you said serum instead of lotion..haha