Sunday, June 7, 2009


Rodney got married which kind of, almost, maybe makes me think I could follow suite. I usually do whatever he does like that time I was 10 and he was 11 and he bought this 90's hooded t-shirt at target and so I bought it as well. And wore it to family pictures so it was like I was wearing boy clothes because so was he. Marriage is kind of like that shirt. Also, I'm going to be 22 this summer so it's a good age to get married because no one will ever say I was too young. Only problem is I don't pull the trigger. And I get extremely bored extremely quick. But I am ecstatic for my brother and his new little bride. They were truly happy and now they get to make my mom truly happy with grand-babies. The wedding was in Chicago which is one of my favorite cities to travel to because of my ability to forget about how much money I've spent on Michigan Avenue the minute it's gone. It is like magic. Pictures forthcoming. xoxo

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