Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are all the same

Have you ever thought how horrible the gym is? You all thought it was a place for self improvement and lifestyle changes. Wrong. The gym is a forum of people gathered together so they can look at the themselves in oversized mirrors and pretend they hate what they see. It's like you pluck all the nonjudgmental people out of the world and pull together the men and women who take a second glance at everyone they walk by to see if their thighs are bigger, regardless of gender and always leads to awkward eye contact because why would you be at the gym if not for the same purpose as the rest of them?

Don't even get me started about a Lifetime Fitness. Due to the high rates we pay for monthly dues, you not only take out the nonjudgmental group, you also knock out the lower class resulting in a group of wealthy, narcissists who have fake books and die their hair to look like mine and could handle a cheeseburger every once in a while.

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Carissa Rasmussen said...

That's why I don't go to a gym. It's so retarded when girls put on makeup, or I knew someone that would SHOWER before they went to the gym...I mean that seems a little contradictory hmm? I NEVER go to the gym. How do I keep my shapely figure you ask? Dance girlfriend. Walking outside on a lovely forest trail, and Pilates on video. I've fallen in love with Pilates on video with 2.5 lb weights. It's not as good as ballet, but almost...