Monday, February 8, 2010

critical thinking

I read a study once that women use the same part of their brain that deals with their relationships to deal with career issues. This was supposed to explain why if women are having issues with their relationship they become less productive. The study also said that men separate these, so if they are having career issues, they can't address their relationship because they are in different categories. I think the study was supposed to give weight to why women feel the need to turn to chocolate and Barbara Streisand when dealing with their relationship issues and men turn to work. There's really no other reason to conduct a study galvanizing one more reason of how men and women are different, we all know this. We all know that there are certain things I am allowed to do that He isn't, and a lot of things that He is allowed to do that I'm not. Like call. Or Burp. Or wear a sweatshirt to dinner. In my field we explore a lot of purposeless experiments; experiments that seek to confirm ideas previously decided upon as fact. If this was a communication's study, we would definitely look at this one in depth.

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