Friday, October 1, 2010


There's no question that my favorite day of the week is Thursday. Being the introspective individual that I am, I find myself often puzzled as to why I don't look forward to Friday and Saturday like the rest of blue collar America. I have decided this is because the anticipation of the weekend, the break, the opportunity to regain strength and consciousness, is always better than the actual event. By Friday I am already planning for Monday, wondering if I'll be rested enough to work and essentially preemptively mourning the end of the relief before I've even experienced it.

Why I can't live in the present and only think about today is beside me. Why I stress about what I'm going to feel like in 4 days is a waste of time and energy. Anxiety is a fruitless emotion. Empty. Scared. Silly. But at least I enjoy my Thursdays!