Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A couple of years ago, I ventured to a city and spent the best weekend ever shopping, exploring, and eating. Last weekend, I took a trip to that same city, but this time was accompanied by my besties Kyria and Carly.

My Favorite Parts were:
  • Staying at the amazing Renaissance Hotel in downtown Seattle
  • Drinking from the fountains of Seattle's Best Coffee (Triple Chocolate for the girls and Passion Tea for myself)
  • Shopping at the Nordstrom Flagship and Humongous Nordstrom Rack (on 3 separate occasions)
  • Eating at every top YELP rated restaurant we could lay our eyes on
  • Making friends with the famous fish throwers in Pike Place Market
  • Being hit on every 7 seconds because my friends are beautiful
  • Meeting a cab driver who offered to be our personal driver next time we come to town
  • Having Sunday brunch on Bainbridge Island
  • Dancing our hearts out in Belltown with the most beautiful people in the country (and meeting my soul mate/ new long distance lover)
  • Eating atop the Space Needle for a late Saturday dinner, and then returning (for FREE) on Sunday to see the city on an abnormally clear day
  • Taking a walking food tour around Pike Place Market and tasting everything from Fruit to Cheese to Smoked Salmon
  • Eating a lot and compensating by walking 50,000 steps (Thank you FitBit) in sunny 70 degree weather
  • And finally, hanging out with Carly and Kyria who make me laugh harder than anyone ever did.

I think we belong there.

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