Tuesday, October 9, 2012

days go by

This weekend marked the 53rd year since my Dad was born. I've been thinking for a while exactly what that means. Does any day of the year make a difference in the fact that I have learned to miss him every other day? Does it mean that we celebrate or that we mourn? Is this day any different than the days before it? Can someone tell me how to feel?

A birthday is a day to celebrate and express gratitude for someone, their life and the memories you've shared. When I host a birthday dinner I always make the attendees go around and say something they love about the person. Since my daily routine usually emcompasses reminders of things I love about my dad, the day passed without incident or intense emotion. However, I find myself looking back and again asking if someone could tell me how to feel?

I'm finding peace in a passage of scripture from the Book of Mormon:
Mosiah 16:8 The grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.


themosbysinchina said...

Hey Elyse! Found your blog via your blogger profile. :) Thanks for saying hey and reading my post on Ruthie's blog!! Miss you to friend. You look beautiful, as always! It's true, there is no death in Christ! I hope your dad's birthday was full of amazing memories of your dad and celebration over his life. I love that practice to make the birthday attendees say something they love about that person! Great idea!

The Nothums said...

I wondered the same thing on my dad's birthday this year. Especially since only a few months had gone by since he passed away. I chose to still think about the great things and the great memories we had together. Even though like you said, there are things that remind me of him every day.