Thursday, October 8, 2009

So many doubt cause I come from the south

Today, as I was walking around to 4, count em F-O-U-R, different buildings on campus to find a vending machine with a Gala apple, I was obviously frazzled. I was being my usual easily perterbed self and as I was entering my 3rd building a guy breezed pass me and opened the door, I expected Him to at least give the door a shove to make way for the girl at his heels but was startled to find he completely ignored me and practically slammed the door in my face. Already annoyed because BYU wasn't supporting my diet challenge attempt, I nearly snapped, but realized acknowledging his behavior would be stooping. And then, as though to restore my faith in chivalry as fast as it had just been squashed, I spotted a tall man dressed like an obvious member of the Army enter the same building with a tall, stalwart look and a pleasant smile on his face. I saw him do what I've only seen one other man do in my life. He walked into the building and took off his hat. Perhaps his head had an inch but I blissfully assumed he was showing respect.

The experience reminded me of my respect of and desire to surround myself with gentlemen. Men who get your door and call you ma'am or dear and pick up the tab and ask your opinion and pull out your chair and wear a button up shirt to dinner and compliment a new hair style or pair of shoes. It may be that I am old fashioned and hold a higher standard than I should, but I think any woman who makes excuses for their men who treat women like pals have been conditioned to expect less. I refuse to expect less. Because of this I am considered high maintenance or unproductively critical, which are labels I will take if it means I don't have to pay for food or open my door.

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