Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thankful Wednesday

-Michael Buble.
-Finishing the New York Times crossword for the first time in my life. Yes I am one of those outdated people who still reads the newspaper and lives for Ken Ken and the Crossword. You laugh now but when you retire and don't know how to act like a 70-year-old you'll come crying for advice.
-College graduation is around the corner plus 7 months.
-On Saturday I start working out with my personal trainer for three weeks. The goals is to look like Dara Torres at the end.
-As if I need another reason to love my new car, it totally kicks butt in the cold. Warms up completely in about 45 seconds. So thankful.
-Purple tights.
-Jay-Z and Kyria. Who on Saturday will be one in the same.
-The best solution to any problem being found on my knees.
-New Moon. Perspective. Seriously, at least my blood sucking soul mate didn't leave me alone in a town with no department stores.

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