Friday, June 24, 2011


Matt Nathanson came out with a new album. If you are a #cheapskate and only get one song, make it be "Run" feat Jennifer Knettles and Kristian Bush. Yes. Sugarland.

If today is payday and you've got that Friday jump in your step go ahead and splurge for "Kiss Quick".

If you're offended by the insinuation that you cannot afford an $11.99 album, and you would prefer something more upbeat than the two sappy songs I suggested, go ahead and splurge. It's called Modern Love. Thank me later.

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Natalie said...

I'm feeling sappy...two songs are currently downloading. Also..I hope you're scouting out good hotels/restaurants/fun things to do in New Orleans for me! ps there's a cooking school demonstration that you guys NEED to go to. Google "New Orleans Cooking School". There's also a tour on groupon right now. just FYI