Monday, March 12, 2012


Kyria and I have a reputation of giving people nicknames and them sticking. Here's some examples:

  • Lauren Wright (Formerly Quesenberry): LQ, Larq, Lark, Larkin, Larkinberry, Qball
  • Kyria Dial: Kiks, Kiki, Kikikins, Kinz, McKenzie, Mac, Mom, Ma, Mama
  • Sir Henri Wentworth: SpecialSauce, Foxface, Furrball, Dumbass,
  • Nikka Dial: Squeaks, Squeakers
  • Carly Williams: Wee Wee, Carkeyz (not original but it stuck), babygirl, lover nugget, Crewmie, Mom, Mama, Ma, Mami, Willaims
  • Melissa Layland: Crouton, smellorac, Elyse-Dials-Executive-Assistant and of course melorac (she gave that one to herself actually) (who does that?)
  • Bailey High: Bails, Schmails, Schmelly, Smelly, Elyse-wannabe
  • Jessica Maloney: yomaloney, yomo, yono, maloney, malone
  • Luke Dial: Skeletor, LJ, Luigi, Sweegi, Sweegimous, Sweegimousity, Jimmer, Mr. Fredette
  • Rod Dial: P Diddy, P Daddy, Daddy-Oh, Dr. Love, Did, Ditto.
  • Everyone: nugget, nuggetville USA, meowmix

    But I think the best one so far, is that of a new friend of the family. His name is Richard Davies. Most of his friends call him Rick. My mom calls him Davies. Neither Kyria or I could remember or liked the name Rick so we have two nicknames for him;


    Both are used interchangably and will never go away. Welcome to the crew Santorum.

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