Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the day I realized I'm not as judgmental as I thought

while watching an episode of The Hills:

Lo: Audrina's crazy, I don't want her living with us
LC: Yeah, I mean she's a nice girl, but now that she's with Justin Bobby she'll be wearing leather again. Yuck.

(Audrina enters)

Lo: Audreeeeeeeena! Hey baby!
LC: We're talking about when our lease gets up
Lo: we should all TOTALLLLY get a house together
LC: OF COURSE. You just have to live with us.

Brian: OH MY GOSH. Cover your ears.
Me: I know, girls can be so caddy.
Brian: No, her! Her EARS!

Here I am thinking I can pick out flaws in anyone and I didn't even notice Lo's stacks! Chances are Elf and Laguna Beach started filming around the same time, giving Lo a tough decision to make. I'd have picked Laguna Beach too just for the opportunity to pretend to be besties with Lauren Conrad. I mean seriously, anyone with skin that flawless deserves to have a million fake best friends.

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jessiboos said...

elyse! i love this... haha!! and i love the blog.. it's an obsession!