Saturday, May 31, 2008


my guilty pleasure is bright eyes. especially when accompanied by solitude and an unfinished to-do list
i am the kind of person that will eat grilled chicken, green beans, tossed salad with light dressing for lunch, and then chick-fil-a for dinner, order a great-wall-of-chocolate from p.f. changs, then go run 2 miles
about twice a week i add a new word to my vocabulary. courtesy of google dictionary
i am blunt. and deathly afraid of being blunt.
procrastination is thrilling
i wear high heels when alone in my apartment
i am not as strong as i once was

1 comment:

guerita buenita said...

i don't care. wedding planning isn't as glamorous as you think. ps i miss you. and pps i love you more!