Thursday, June 5, 2008

choppy. tangents.

The wind- is outrageous! For the past 4 days there has been a torrential, hurricanial wind. The reason I am writing about the wind is because it disrupts so many of the constants in my life.
  • my hair
  • my ability to peacefully lay out and get an even bronze (without my hair going everywhere!!)
  • my gas mileage
  • my papers flying EVERYWHERE (dfgh#$%!!!)
  • did i mention my hair?

It is getting ridiculous. I love rain. I love sunshine. I can handle snow. What I cannot handle, however, is when the weather gets to the intensity of coercing my body in every which direction. asdjkl!

The wind- the reason I am up until 3 in the morning.
The wind- is banging against the shutters and creating weird noises outside and SCARING ME!! driving me to BLOG and think. and BLOG about what I think.

Grey's Anatomy- the other reason I am up tonight (this morning as some, really annoying people would say) I finally watched the season finale. Three weeks late, but that's the reward of selling your soul to pest control.
I am reminded tonight of why I love this show, aside from the fact that it is the perfect amount of sadness/drama/Making Out/humor/etc/etc. Grey's is full of constants (we love constants)
1.)Every episode ends up with characters Making out.
2.) Meredith and McDreamy always need each other. They always end up together. It is usually ruined by Meredith being really inconsistent. But if someone as messed up and Meredith gets her McDreamy that always needs her, then I definitely can breathe easier. I like Meredith. She's crazy. And I'm crazy. And we both talk in tangents. Choppy tangents. And she talks too much. And I don't talk too much but I do talk a lot. And she made him a house out of candles. And she felt dumb. But it worked. And now I have to watch them make out. Over. and. over. But that's my own fault. Because I've pressed rewind 4 times. Oh, 5 times. Not my fault. Blame it on the wind.


jenner said...

I could've done with out the girl makeouts. but thats just me.

Natalie said...

ummm i'm pretty sure that i BAWLED! during grey's..and yes I watched it with my grandma and the makeout and sex scenes were AWESOME and not awkward..sike.