Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because I tried to blog about being happy, and I ended up playing solitaire

Number of times I almost threw my binder at someone's house today: 3
Number of apology notes I wrote to a customer on account of almost throwing my binder at her: 1
Number of times this week someone has used the words "are", "you", and "okay" together, directed at me, in the form of a question: 7

Ahem. It's only wednesday.

Other indications it has been a rough 4 days:
my physical appearance (one, very self-explanatory word: headband)
my recent ipod playlist (see below*)
opting out of normal social interactions and hanging out with my little brothers (they don't ask questions)

*Sunday I was laying in bed thinking and having a lot on my mind. When those two occur in conjunction I usually a.) make playlists, b.) eat, c.) run. Running was out of the question because I was so comfortable under my covers, eating is no fun when you don't have any food, soo I made a playlist. Admittedly, said playlist is the real reason for this post. Basically, music is my boyfriend.

Here it is:
Nineteen- Tegan and Sara
We Get On- Kate Nash
Still Walking After You- Spilled Canvas
Can't Break Her Fall- Mat Kearney
Bad Diary Days- Pedro the Lion
Navy Taxi- Kate Nash
Lonelily- Damien Rice
The Winter Song- Eisley
Videotape- Radiohead
Arizona- Pedro the Lion
Somethin' Sexy Bout The Rain- Kenny Chesney
A Simple Plan- Pedro the Lion
Move You (Slow and Steady)- Anya Marina
First Love- The Maccabees
Unlike Me- Kate Havenvik

Impassive? I think so.

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