Friday, January 23, 2009


It’s the year that you buy you’re first car and you wear heels to work and your friends are married or going on missions. It’s the year that you start worrying about savings accounts and if you should have bought those groceries last night because do you really need another box of cereal? It’s the year where your brother is no longer a bullying little boy or a party animal but he has perfect attendance and studies and gets married and stuff like that. It's when you just want to be alone or be with the one but probably just alone. It's when relationships either end in sadness or in marriage. It's the year that people start wondering what you're plans are for your life and then it makes you start wondering the same thing. It's when you go to class to learn something, not just to get a good grade. It's when you watch Full House and get nostalgia about the 90's. It's when you make plans to go on trips to exotic places because it's the year when it might be your last time to do what you want without someone else to consider.

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