Tuesday, January 6, 2009

some places never change.

And then I woke up two days in a row and it was snowing. But the positive part about all this is that I have so many articles of clothing that don't get worn because in Texas you only need one layer. One jean. One short sleeve shirt. One pair of heels. How boring! In Utah you need something under your jeans and long sleeve shirtS and boots with thick socks and hats and scarves and then One Coat. Except everyone here thinks I'm high maintenance which isn't a problem it's just that they associate "looking good" with being "high maintenance". It's like everyone is afraid of it because they are afraid of being labeled so they just wear what everyone else is wearing which is what we all saw on the mannequin at Forever 21 last week. Boring. Ever heard of Juicy?

Also, I always wear a ring on my magic ring finger except that is SO TABOO up here because it's PROVO and every girl wants to wear a ring on the MAGIC FINGER but doesn't because the moment you have that phalange occupied you don't get asked out in line at Cafe Rio. I, of course, don't care because any boy that really wants to ask me out will realize that it's just to accesorize and will do it even with that finger occupied and he would also offer to pay for my Cafe Rio and know my name without asking. I do think it's funny when every one's eyes go from my face to my jeans to my purse to my ring finger followed by an "are you engaged?" which is followed by the infinite time in which I have responded, "no."

And that's just on the first day.


Carissa Rasmussen said...

but what happens when you are engaged?

Carissa Rasmussen said...

and PS we need to play catch up major

Jennifer said...

Ok so basically what you're saying is if a guy who thinks you're married still asks you out, as long as he paid for dinner. Thats a wierd one my child. Luckily I don't take you too seriously.

Morgan said...

as you noted, i was wearing a ring on the "magic finger" also. As always, sometimes I just like to confuse people. And if you think my green glass ring means im engaged, i dont want you chatting it up with me at cafe rio anyway either.