Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Generally, my life is governed by a feeling of want. I go to the mall because I want a better wardrobe. I eat chocolate because I am a variation of hungry. I fly to places that aren't my home because I feel like belonging somewhere else. I look to the future hoping it will provide hope for the presence. Day after day, month after month I wait for something else, something new. Yesterday, I had a feeling of honest contentment.

I lay in bed last night thinking about the rest of the week and the things I have to get done and I was trying to plan a reward for myself. I considered a splurge to Half Yearly, that Chanel bracelet I've been eying, maybe a new pair of glasses. I couldn't latch onto anything that really made my heart pump it's usual pattern when I am dream-shopping. All I could think was how hard I've been working and how it feels good. I wanted for nothing.

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