Thursday, May 21, 2009

This couldn't wait-

Because of my recent daily traveling and my 2001 cd and cassestte-less work truck, I have the not so pleasant experience of listening to the radio. All. Day. I don't know what I did pre- iPod, I really don't. This adventure has inspired me to create one of my infamous lists.

Top 6 Worst, Most Annoying, Most Redundant Songs On The Radio 

1. HALO by Beyonce. Kyria is going to kill me for this one but seriously it is not even up to par with ANY of Beyonce's songs
2. BOOM BOOM POW by Bep's. I tolerate it because Nikka likes it and I support Fergie. Other than that- gross.
3. KISS ME THROUGH THE PHONE- Sweet beat. That's it. I feel like a nerd listening to it. I feel like an even bigger nerd when it is stuck in my head because it is a ridiculous.
5. SOMETHING STUPID by Miley Cyrus. I don't even know the name of the song. All I know is she performed it on the CMA's and I haven't stopped hating it. 
6. BIRTHDAY SEX by Jeremiah. Jeremiah came to San Antonio and Austin last weekend and so to promote this event, his song was blowing up the radio. It's title alone is why people have a bad perception of hip-hop.

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chef salas said...

hahaha i love reading your blog elyse. this list is awesome