Thursday, May 20, 2010

Motherhood: Part 2

It means that if they need to be held, they run to you. It means that they think every pokemon card is the funniest thing ever, they giggle their mini giggle and show you. It means that they are easily teachable and will use words like obedience and reverence and faith. It means they will pray for their parents and their cousin and their teacher and the bugs and the trees. It means having mini Food Network and everyone pitching in to cook dinner and giving a 6 year old a knife to cut onion and she slices her finger and cries until she realizes "chefs get hurt sometimes". It means 4 children finding a pile of bricks and throwing them at the house until I appear with a box and ask them to please clean up and they oblige saving me a lot of bending over. It means smiles and laughs and innocence and wondering if we were all that young and beautiful.

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