Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sing, Teresa Said, Sing

My iTunes tried to tell me today that I haven't added new music since 4/11/10 which is almost a month ago which now makes sense why I've been listening to Tha Carter II for 2 weeks (default album. never ceases to entertain me in every situation). So today Ingrid tweeted about the release of her beau's new album. I did a little preview of the songs to find that I can hear her voice on backup vocals. What if she sings those songs at her concert this summer? What if I don't know them? What if the sky is green? So I purchased this new album. I don't typically talk about music because I feel like people who do are just trying to be trendy which is so annoying. But I remember when Greg Laswell's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" played on the Hills in the first season and I immediately was entranced with his undercover love ballads, and songs masquerading as mellow that are really sentimental. I was in love. Anyhow, I figured new house, new bod, new life, new music. Life's good.

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