Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things my friends know about me

1. when signing my name, I still dot the 'i' with a heart

2. i. hate. spoons.

3. if you ask one of my siblings who the most annoying person they know is, they will say, in unison, Elyse Dial.

4. the first 90 minutes I'm awake in the day, I am chatty and excited and joyful. After those 90 minutes, my mood is a high stakes game of Roulette.

5. my kryptonites are tall men and expensive jewerly. Even better, Tall men delivering Expensive jewerly

you know you love me, xoxo

1 comment:

Kyria M Dial said...

6. you like water with no ice.

7. you have FOMO

8. you laying around and watching tv for long periods of time

9. you miss henri

10. your best vacay ever was Seattle Vday 09

xoxo, just want the peeps to know who knows you best. (: