Wednesday, December 7, 2011


On Sunday, Kyria and I were having a conversation with Matt who was saying that for Thanksgiving his grandma made Turkey AND Ham. He asked whether we preferred Turkey or Ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas.Kyria and I just looked at eachother and exchanged knowing glances because we haven't had "traditional" holiday meals in years.

Matt: "I feel spoiled because I got both. And for Christmas she will probably make both."

Kyria: "I feel spoiled because Christmas I was in Mexico and Thanksgiving I was in Belize."

That girl really knows how to shut people up.


{atd} said...

mhm. love.

Kyria M Dial said...

cannot wait to make that man part of the fam. #somuchtolearn

Elyse Dial said...

don't hashtag my blog. don't count your chickens b4 they hatch green chiles