Sunday, December 4, 2011

Self Awareness

I am a full fledged, voter registered card carrying member of the clan of people over the drinking age who consider themselves adults. I have a collection of furniture, I have a Coke addiction, my opinion is valued at my job, I have a reoccurring alarm, I have friends all over the country, I travel for holidays, I am insured, I drive a fuel effecient car, my sheets are over 500 thread count, I don't bite my nails. I can't go to a social setting without having an intellectually stimulating conversation. I don't enjoy mediocre relationships.

...And, I've always wanted to profess Self Actualization and I would say I'm getting there.


{atd} said...

write a book.

Kyria M Dial said...

Those things are why your book would sell. But none are related to why I love you. Here is my excerpt in your book.

You love being home with those you love, you have strong opinions and are stubborn, but deep down really kind. In the cd player of
your fuel efficient car is no doubt sappy music or more likely Drake. You love your sisters. You eat candy like a 4 year old. An obsese 4 year old. (:

love you boo.