Monday, December 5, 2011


In April 2011 I lived alone in a beautiful apartment in downtown Austin. I slept in a bed made for three and my dog saw me naked on the daily. I was so used to being alone that I hated when someone would get in the car with me and I loved it.

Then something happened. Like, the reality of paying 2 grand a month on rent, and the fact that I slept in my closet because my bed was too big, and the ability for me to invite over whoever I wanted whenever I wanted and not have any consequences, and then there were the times when I did inevitably get lonely and I had to deal with the worst of all human emotions.

I did what I thought I would never do once Lauren, the best roommate ever, got married and was off the living market. I got a roommate.

ENTER: Carly. A transplant to Austin from New York City and before that San Diego.
Glamorous, right!?!

She met my family after 1 week. We bore our souls after 2 weeks. By 3 weeks I let her in on some of my weird eating habits. She introduced me to the Kardashians and TEVO. She thought I was smart except when I was acting stupid. She encouraged me to evaluate my relationship, my job, my happiness, etc. We talked at length about our friends and family. By 1 month in she was sleeping in my bed periodically and picking out my nail polish colors.
She's funny and girly and a carries a normal amount of insecurities. She is more socially and emotionally aware of other people than anyone I've ever met. She's my friend because she's patient and a little crazy. She listens like a champ and laughs hard. She motivated and pretty and sleeps through alarms just like me. She drives a yellow convertible and thinks it's funny when I offend people. She likes twitter, fast food, the mall, working, talking about Jesus, taking care of people, and swearing.

Guys, I've got some big plans with this one.

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Carly April said...

Dear Jennifer Dial, I do NOT swear.

Dear Elyse Dial, how did i ever live without you?