Monday, November 3, 2008

be heard, man.

Movies I could watch over and over
the way we were
the little mermaid

Clothes I could wear over and over
dark wash "A" Pockets
black turtle neck
the grey boots
the black cowboy boots

Activities that never get old
waking up early
making out
laying in bed
eating sushi
anything involving my mother, my father, and their mothers

people who undeniably have my best interest at heart
alanis morissette
cecil o. samuelson

purses i will buy when the time is right


miss rachel michele said...

so remember that bowling bag purse that we bought at goodwill hahah and you LOVED it that burberry one should def replace that and the coach one can replace that purse you stayed up all night to sew at my house hahahah

mallory said...

i adore everything about you