Sunday, November 16, 2008

coats, boots, and other important things

Because I'm moving to Utah I've taken it upon myself to purchase hundreds of pairs of coats, boots, scarves, and gloves. Winter is always a reason to be extremely stylish because you have more chances to wear more clothes that exhibit your feeling, style, and mood and thus increase you chance of looking good. I will be taking every opportunity to look good. Currently I have a room that looks like it was hit by Hurricane Ike. And yet, I feel proud that come January I will pack up the boots and coats and take the snow by storm. Unintentional pun, not intended. 

Winter is also a reason to be extremely depressed, which is why this pre-winter preparation retail therapy seems to be helping cure the depression of knowing that I will be in the cold. Plus, I will have the sibs (minus the sane one, who must still go through high school, danget) and I will not work. I promised myself I wasn't going to work next semester. I tend to be a workaholic of sorts and in promising myself that I won't work it's like promising myself 4 months of 21-year-old-hood. 21 year-olds are not supposed to be workaholics, they are supposed to be alcoholics. Granted, I do not plan on taking up drinking, but I do plan on taking up napping, studying, watching Television again perhaps (!?) and trying to enjoy my education rather than speeding through it. I tend to go stir crazy without a job. Actually, I don't know how I act without a job considering the only time I haven't been employed in the past 6 years was Freshman year. If Freshman year is an indication of next semester can you can be prepared to hear about sleeping and partying. My guess? I'll have a job by February. But, maybe I will go and shock myself. 

Wait, wasn't I talking about boots and coats? Anyhow

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