Monday, November 17, 2008

Someday We'll Make Dreams Come True..

Last year, when I worked at the Law Firm, I had the opportunity to come in contact with many wealthy people on a daily basis. I saw people who used their money to buy great things and lead luxurious, yet unfulfilling, lives with cars and trips and houses. I also saw people who used their money to help people, whether it be their families, their community or the world. 

One day I met a couple who had made a lot of money in some business or another. It seemed they needed an outlet for their wealth and it was at this time that they devoted little time to the company and started a charity. I don't recall the details of the foundation they ran or if their family was involved, in fact, I remember little about this exchange except that the wife was one of those ladies you would judge as high maintenance just from looking at her; blonde hair, big boobs, the works, but once I learned more about them (via google) I found her endearing. It got me to start thinking about what I wanted to use my ambition for. I was raised knowing that I could do great things, due in large part to my parent's who do great things daily and due in part to my above ordinary vision of myself and my potential. 

Ever since my exchange with The Blonde and Her Man, I began dreaming about helping people in an entrepreneurial way, like a foundation. This dream will fulfill many of my dreams. It will fulfill my desire to serve, my desire to work, my desire to start something big from scratch, my desire to not be the bread winner for my family, my desire to not have spoiled children, and my desire to be on Oprah. I have tossed around hundred of ideas and most nights I pull out my iPhone and write ideas in my half asleep state (everything real comes out when I'm half asleep, as many people can attest to). I've thought about building schools in South America, India, Africa, or Mexico. I've thought about organizing a clothing donation for children in these countries. I've tossed around the idea of different scholarship foundations (thank you Choose To Give!). I think I've run myself half crazy knowing that I have so many things I could and want to do, all I need is the means. 

The reality is that who knows at what point in my life I will be able to not only not have to work, but will also be able to devote money to a cause like this. All I know right now is that I can't wait for this day, and I will continue to loose sleep over it because it's better than thinking about relationships, or school, or whatever else people my age lose sleep over.

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