Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been thinking about how commitment can force you to move forward. This came from a day of hating my apartment. My door handle fell of, my lights stopped working, and my U-Verse cries out in a predictable entendre every half minute. I also calculated that the money I spend on rent could translate into a Chanel bag each month. I digress.

Even with that, if I had never lived here, I would have always wondered. I'm glad I don't have to wonder. I'm glad I know. There are so many other things that I have copped out of because I was half-hearted or uncertain. Wonder is halting experience. Like a existentialist that assumes he has life figured out because in HIS mind he does. Well of course we all think we are doing things right until we get out, live, interact, and realize that we may be wrong. That is how I feel about my commitment free life; if I am not tied to people or deadlines or plans, I am creating an autonomous reality which will be paralyzing. But, if I free myself from an inward thriving path, I may steadily reach my goals.

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