Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

A couple of months ago I got into a pattern of giving myself everything I wanted at the time the desire came. Exhibit A. iPad. B. The amount of Estititians and massage therapists that touched my face and body in October. C. My apartment full of sparkly furniture and accessories. I guess I was all, well if it makes you feel better then you NEED this crystal chandelier.

It has come time to break this habit so that I may regain normalcy, balance, and to pursue my fabulous 2011 beach plans. Any habit needs a replacement. How do you replace the most blissful, therapeutic lifestyle with a new bliss and therapy that doesn't intrude on a healthy budget? No idea. Maybe yoga. Or a hobby. Or a sugar daddy. I feel no need to continue ranting. It is clear I am onto something here.

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