Friday, December 17, 2010

Week highlights

1. Best news ever is seeing my family on Christmas and seeing the orphans on the 26th. Going to be a good Holiday.2. It's been a good music week. Ciara's new album came out. Ciara is awesome. She is equal parts hoodrich and classy. She wears J's and Chanel. She is hot and hangs out with the likes of Jeezy and Kanye. I will admit I purchased the cd on it's opening day and had my favorite songs picked out in less than an hour. I was also reminded of my love for Feist (The Limit To Your Love) and old school Ingrid Michaelson (Let Go is on repeat) Last but not least Jamie Foxx ft. Drake Fall for Your Type. The song is good, the video is better. Especially Drake's part (of course I'm partial). 3.Work. Is. Good. Great. Better. Best. 4.Got a message from a friend (shoutout!) saying that she has been "stalking me religiously" on facebook, twitter, and my blog and could not figure out where I am or what I'm doing. Boy, was I relieved. I have severe identidy crisis when people know things about me, so the greatest news is that, despite my months a intense vulnerability to the world, I still maintain a bit of mystery.

Of course Thursday was the best day of the week, as always. And, it's pretty early, but Friday is shaping up to be pretty great too.

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Natalie said...

woot wooooot. same day better believe it!