Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great, Now When People Google 'Swizz Beatz', this website will come up...

Picture this: Me, dressed to the nines, on the day of my first ever Taylor Swift concert. Giddy and twitterpaided trying not to think about the cares of reality. Driving around running errands before I leave for the show. I turn on As I Am by Alicia Keys, which is definitely a top 10 album. Lesson Learned comes on. I try to push from my mind that the song was written about Swizz Beats (yikes X 75). Remembering the optimistic words of this song. soul has returned, so I called it a lesson learned

And I was reminded! That as soon as you are happy again! All of your problems turn from being 'problems' to Lessons Learned! And it's like really exciting! Real life example... I was having major issues with my hair today and then I changed my part and attacked it with the CHI and then it was fixed and now I know what to do in that situation. Lesson Learned.

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