Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Happy Birthday to my idol. the love of my Mother's life, the father of my best friends, the man who taught me to hold my tongue and laugh uncontrollably and get dressed up because I am special and to wake up early and work until there were blisters on my hands.

Happy Birthday to the man who changed my life, who gave up dessert for no reason, who flew to visit just me when I was alone, who didn't know how to say anything negative, who loved to kick back and watch TV after a long day.

Happy Birthday to the greatest person I've ever known. He taught me to have self respect. He taught me to love everything. He taught me the gospel. He taught me to live life zestfully. He showed what joy meant. He showed what it looked like to love a family. He wore his heart on his sleeve and apologized regularly. He was flawed. He was imperfect. He was funny. He was at times irreverent. Miss ya P-diddy.

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Camilla Combs said...

happy birthday vin diesel. xoxo.