Friday, August 8, 2008

18 hours

9 times out of the 10 times I call Cami in a week it usually goes like this:

Me: Hi. How are you
Cami: Good. How are you
Me: Good. What are you doing
Cami: Laying in my bed. You.
Me: Just selling. Wishing I was laying in my bed...

Moral of the story, we like to just lay in bed. Usually when we're together we spend half the time at a restaurant sitting, wasting our waiter's time and chewing the fat, and the other half is spent laying in a bed talking or sulking or whatever. It is this really great relationship we have.

This summer, I haven't really been laying in bed. I've been, like, selling a lot of pest control and, like, other unimportant things. I made up for lost time this week. I got home from work at about 10 on Thursday night. I immediately got into bed. Got up to wash my face. Got back in bed. I watched the episode of Grey's Anatomy that was in the dvd player 3 times over because I didn't want to get up. This lasting 14 hours. I migrated to the bath tub and read and layed and washed. Then got back in my bed for 4 more hours, until it was time to work again. 18 hours.

And when Rex came to pick me up for work and asked what I'd been doing, I, for once, wasn't lying when I said, "Nothing."

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