Tuesday, August 19, 2008

can you give a shout out to a blog on said blog?

I love my blog. I love the fact that at any time and anywhere, thanks to my PDA, and the world wide web, I can get online and write about my feelings, or some menial occurance, or create a stupid list about myself, and that my blog will listen to me. He won't try and solve my problems, he won't tell me what I'm doing wrong, he won't eat the last bite of cheesecake, he will just listen.

The only way that I am able to talk about anything the least bit meaninful to Mr. Blog is by pretending that no one I know, or write about, will read it. As I let go of this denial and realize that not only did I choose to make this site public, but I also provided a link on my facebook, as well as bring it up daily in common conversation (the phrase that most often escapes my mouth besides "Sorry, to bother you, are you the homeowner?" is "I need to blog about that!"). But okay, back to denial.

I am always surprised when someone says "oh, I read your blog," or when I go on my Mom's computer and this website is open, or, as happened on Sunday night, Joseph begins to quote, from memory, something I had written about that day. I immediately think in my mind of everything I've written and wonder if they'll be offended.

I suppose this blog could be part of my new resolve to be honest. Due in part to the many instances in the past year when I've been called out for being less than truthful, as well as a very persuasive Pep-Talk from the Pep-Talker Champion himself, I am now a newly honest woman.

As far as this website is concerned, I write for myself. I realize people are going to read, I deal with it. But I am honest. And it's very refreshing.

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