Monday, August 18, 2008

i have at least 1 avid reader

The children stayed the night tonight. They are ridiculous and jovial and spontaneous. First of all, it was a hilarious Sunday, as is requisite when the Dial children are all together under the same roof. While Kyria (18) is getting called easy via text, and Luke (8) is reading a book on how to avoid being sexually abused, and Nikka (14.99987) is complaining about getting her braces off in 3 weeks rather than two, and creating plans to take matters into her own hands with pliers, Mom (41) is trying get us to sit down to eat and Dad (grey fox) is trying to promote "real conversation." We eat, and do everything we can to avoid this exchange because it always comes back to what more we could be doing in our lives. Like, making 50 grand and teaching gospel doctrine isn't enough. But oh I hope he doesn't read that cause he wouldn't want me making a jest of myself. I know you're proud of me, Dad. And that I can always improve.

I deter.
So, the boys came home with me. The fun started on the drive home when a song came on my iPod. I was about to change it for sentimental reasons until I heard them both singing along. It would make sense if the song was like "I Am A Child Of God." But, no, no, it was Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade. WORD FOR WORD.

Then we were getting ready for bed and Joseph comes into my room with a half a cup of toothpaste IN the palm of his hand.

"What are you doing weirdo?"
"Brushing my teeth."
"Brushing my teeth."

Apparently he has 700 more teeth to brush than the rest of us.


"Elyse I have a TINY bladder, but Kyria's is probably smaller."

"Can you guys be done saying your prayers cause I'm lonely."
(undeniable resemblance to something his eldest sister would say)

"I love this entry."
Joseph while on He then proceeded to read my blog, my inner most thoughts, aloud. let me crawl under a rock.

I am blessed to have these boys with all their knowledge, simplicity and perspective. They are everything that is missing in the world.

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kinky said...

i just read this one. hahahha that is funny and i love those boys and i love that day and we are the best i miss martins cove i love you