Saturday, August 2, 2008


Top indicators I am old.
-asked for a plane ticket for my birthday (to a wedding, nonetheless. weddings are for old people.)
But, really- let me focus on this for a minute. A plane ticket? Aren't birthdays time for fluffy gifts that you forget about after a week like polly pockets or a set of Lisa Frank stationary or a pony (we all know we would never get one, and yet we still asked)? Where's my pink barbie cake with the yellow frosting and the 7 candles? Where are all my friends who have to be home by 8?
-my idea of 'solitude' is a 30 minute hot bath.
It's saturday day night and The Boy and I flirted with ideas such as seeing a movie, going downtown, or shopping. And then somehow found ourselves taking a nap.
Youth- procrastinate. don't accomplish. talk your way out of the mess. bystanders blame your actions on your youth and forgive you.
Now- procrastinate. hope to accomplish at last possible minute. no one to blame anything on.
-i understand my parent's rules.
-i apologize first because i realize life is too short to be stubborn.
-i'm listening to country. NOOO!!!! NOT THE CUHHH-NNN-TREEEE!!
-August 14th is next week.

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Morgan said...

hello? you stopped short on my Elyse Dial's Life update. who's the boy?? :)