Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maybe we will never know

I don't have anything to say so whatever compelled you to read this, fight it. Saturday I laid outside in my new swim suit and then Monday it snowed and Tuesday I got sick and got an extension on a paper and got invited to Aruba and Wednesday I was still very sick and stayed in bed until now, because I had class. Biology- to be more exact. Biology 100. I don't know if any class has ever stressed me out more. My 400 level classes are fine but this 100 class is just not fine. And today we are learning about dung beetles. Important? no. But for some reason the stress isn't enough to get to me, but rather it is enough to make me think about the beach.

Also, if you have never been to Sephora and had the over-made-up women sell you any facial products by DDF, you should RUN there and buy whatever you can. DDF is a group of dermatologists that got together and created a skin care line. They have a lot of products that have seriously changed my life.


And, because my skin is like 17 different pigments, and no makeup matches it-


While I'm on product plugs,


Seriously. It's made of memory foam so you can only imagine the comfort and shape and why I have rationalized buying one in every color.

Well, I'm going to go get back in bed because I'm sick. 

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