Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoes, Homeless People, and Facebook

For some reason I get strongly defensive when things close to me are threatened. This extends to my family, my opinion, my religion, and my wardrobe. 

The most prominent example is my family. For Example, Kyria has these shoes. She says she bought them at Footlocker, but I think she stole them from Rhianna's boyfriend. Granted, Kyria is a black woman, trapped in a pretty white girls body, however, these shoes could not have been designed for her. They were designed for a black man. I have this opinion. I don't share this opinion- except for on the internet, apparently. HOWEVER, if some ignorant third party fashion critic were to come to me and say "Kyria's shoes are strange," I would say, "What are you talking about? They are so her. She looks great in them. Those shoes were made for her." Forget the fact that I hold the same opinion as him. I would be offended and, in fact, upset, that he dare question her choice of footwear. Forget the fact that Kyria is confused about her pigmentation, and remember that he's a judgmental critic who hold the wrong opinion of her.

This flaw in my personality exhibited itself today over a comment I wrote on facebook. I was reading CNN and have lately been really frustrated by the articles of oppression rampant in the "Most Popular on CNN" column. Let me start off by saying I am not AGAINST hearing about the poor. I enjoy all of Anderson Cooper's documentaries about Mexico or Pakistan or even American hardship. My problem is that it is daily that these articles come up, and I don't feel it is appropriate to draw attention to these people. I believe in helping people, I believe in donating, I give to homeless men, I donate to Choose To Give, but I don't believe in people calling news stations and telling them about your brutal conditions to get publicity, remorse, or even a quick buck. WELL, I voiced this opinion on my facebook status and I swear it wasn't there more than and hour before I had half a dozen comments of people arguing, wondering how I could feel this way, and correcting me. It wasn't that I cared people commented, it's that they were threatening my opinion. I felt personal attacked. I felt like these people had no idea who I was or where I was coming from, but rather than they just wanted to denounce my opinion. 

I don't know why this is an issue for me. I don't know why I'm so defensive about everything. I watch people take criticism with a shrug of a shoulder and I covet their submission. I suppose if I gave this up it would mean giving up my passion and opinions, so it might not be all bad, however, if I get in one more intellectual battle I might just lose start losing friends. 

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the shoutout. It caused me to literally laugh out loud in biology and I got some strange looks because generic drift is no laughing matter apparently..