Monday, April 6, 2009

I know I encourage you to not read the blog, but this is an exception.

Happy Birthday Luke! Today is your birthday and that's wierd because I wish I was there so you could wipe the lip gloss off your cheek after I gave you a big birthday kiss and made fun of you because you don't like girls. You are the greatest younger brother a girl could ask for. I still remember that time in San Diego when we on the beach and I was supposed to be watching you but I fell asleep so you wandered off and somehow got yourself extremely muddy and when you came back you woke me up and I looked at those board shorts that you wore sagging down half your butt and I just laughed at you because of course you're mischievous enough to somehow find the only mud in California, but, true to character, you came back because you wouldn't have the mind to run away or anything. That's you, never trying to cause any stress for people, but sometimes you can't deny your childish ways. 

I called you today to wish you happy birthday and you proceeded to give me a list of your "Top Three Boy I've Dated". I thought this was a fitting present because, if I can be honest, the way I judge if a boy is worth my time is if he will pass the Lucas test. Newsflash to any prospects, Luke can be bought at the cheap price of a wakeboard and a basketball. 

Those are my other favorite memories of you. Those days a couple summers ago when Rodney was gone and the Wakerats were gone and Dad and I would go on the boat and bring you along and you would take a run chilling behind the boat with your typical Dial Man stare. Then you would talk about going on the boat until the next time we took you out. You would also request going to McDonald's. Luckily that phase is over. 

You are the best, Luke, and I love every minute I spend with you.

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Carissa Rasmussen said...

cute. don't you just love younger bros? I have 3:)