Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ever had that feeling of not wanting to do anything? At all. And then you look in your calender and you have to do everything. All at once. And you also realize that your life is confusing and you don't know what's going on and things happen that are good but also bad and then it's finals week so you should be really motivated but you can't so you really just want to online shop? And then you're in the back of the library sitting down and some security guard on a power trip comes up to you and tells you that sitting on the ground in the library is a fire hazard and that they designed chairs for the library. And you say that if there is a fire I won't be sitting here, but I will be evacuating the library with everyone else, and he says that you can't sit here. And you say I want to sit on the floor so where should I go. And he says you can't sit on the floor and you say okay and act like you're packing up your stuff but as soon as he rounds the corner you sit right back down. And you feel like 3rd grade all over again. Ever experienced that?

Well, I have found the eternal cure for this predicament. And SURPRISE it does not require spending massive amounts of money. It's called laying bed. Laying in bed under the covers and turning your phone and brain off and just laying there. Sometimes, if it is really bad, I lay there under the covers with my phone off and brain off and put three songs on repeat. 

Everything Will Be Alright- The Killers
Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michaelson
Sang F├ęzi- Wyclef Jean

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