Wednesday, April 22, 2009

black or white? yes or no? here or there? paper or plastic?

Ever thought about how weird getting dressed is. It's like you have this closet full of clothes and shoes and a chest full of jewelry and everyday you have to pick something to wear. Everyday. Over. And Over. And then you wash all your clothes and repeat the cycle. And sometimes you go shopping and add new things to the mass of articles just making the decision harder. And you know you'll look good in about 85% of the things you put on but still you act like it's this big decision and you wonder when the last time was your wore something and will people notice. Mostly, however, you end up wearing the same things. You have that favorite pair of jean and that favorite top that look great together so you end up wearing them often. And no one notices, but of course you think they notice. You are narcissistic enough to believe that people are memorizing your outfits. But who has time for that? No one. So why do we all do it? 

I used to get really excited for summer because I wore the same thing everyday. My swimsuit. Sometimes I would change coverups but ultimately I was wearing the same thing. I still get excited for summer but not in the same way. Because really the older you get the more the months blend together and it's either school or it's work but there is always something stressing you out. When really, all you want to do is wear your swim suit, day in and day out.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone does that, just you.

mal said...

no, i do that too