Monday, April 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman we have a winner

Kyria is in the process of applying for Utah residency so that her tuition will be cheaper. This weekend my mom was gently reminding her of the things she had left to do.

Mom: "You have to send them your tax forms, which is easy because you don't have a job. You have to register your vehicle here, which is easy because you don't have a car. Remember, Kyria, if you don't do this you won't be going to school next semester you're going to have to take online classes and work-"

Me: "Hold on a second, Mom, do we have a new family joke...?"

Mom: "No. Elyse. Be nice."

Me: "First no basketball,"

Mom: "Elyse.."

Me: "now no car, no job, soon enough no education. Wow, Kyria you have truly outdone yourself."

See, the significance of this is that I was in first place for a while what with 2007 and 2008 being the years that I broke up with every boy my parent's like, dropped out of college, and started getting my own opinions. Looks like I've been dethrowned. Now, if we could only find something wrong with Rodney and then we can all get a good laugh.

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