Monday, March 9, 2009


I look at her and where she is and how I remember being there. We are so similar it's pretty scary. So full of life and energy but still so thoughtful and passionate. Most of the time I feel excited for her journey that has just begun with moving away and figuring out life. Sometimes, like today, I feel a little bit of sadness knowing what the next couple of years hold. The heartbreak, the stress, the abandonment, the nights driving around deciding what she wants from life, the sleep and sleep deprivation and the trips to escape and the realizing her parents don't know everything and the time she will decide what she wants and have it ripped away from her and the day she decides not to care what anyone thinks and the day she wonders if it's all worth it and the day she realizes that it is and that she has become the woman she always dreamed she would be.

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