Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sister: Part II

Here I am, laying in bed past 11 o'clock for the second time in a week. I feel like a complete waste becase there is nothing I detest more than sleeping in especially on busy weeks and especially when my room looks like it does. The thing is, I slept in because all I want to do is go to the mall. And I will, just as soon as I clean my room. Or maybe I'll clean my room after the mall. Or maybe I'll go to California. I'm frazzled, clearly, and asleep and my phone rings to wake me up. It's my sister. Shoot. I hate when she knows I'm sleeping in because it means she knows I'm being lazy and that I'm not in class and aren't I supposed to be a good example to her? I'm supposed to be the responsible one. I'm not supposed to be woken up by my younger sister because I slept in. What would Jennifer think. Crap. But, of course I answer it because hers are the only calls I don't screen. I fake my best "I've been awake since 7 a.m. and in fact if I sound tired it's because it is already nap time for me". The same voice my roommate and I used to fake freshman year when our parents would call us at 1 in the afternoon and we were still asleep.

Me: Hey babe
Sis: Hey.... What are you doing
Me: Nothing, you?
Sis: Nothing

Okay. She's being sketchy. She probably wants something. Maybe she needs food or something. Maybe I can stop by on the way to the mall. Should I tell her I'm going to the mall? I don't want to be a bad example but I want her to come. Gosh I am SO frazzled.

Sis: So when do you have class?

Crap. Just tell the truth.

Me: Um... Right now, but I'm not going.
Sis: Oh perfect. When's your next one?
Me: 4. But I'm not going.
Sis: Well.. Do you maybe want to drive to Salt Lake and go to the new Nordstrom and then Nordstrom Rack.
Me: Yes!
Sis: Pick me up in 30. Click.

I'm a horrible example. On the other hand, so is she. On the other hand, we are the same. Perfect. Dial girls: breaking the norm since 1990.

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About the Farrer's said...

Hahahaha oh I SO remember that voice. Good times.