Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday I got a text message and I got that twitterpaded feeling I used to get when emotions ran hot. It was Lauren saying Hi. This describes us perfectly. Lauren affects me. I love that about us. I love our connection. When we met we were as opposite as two girls can be. We did share two things; a family connection that runs 2 generations back, and a poor taste in boys. For years we have shared everything. She was the first person I told my secrets to. She let me into her family. She reminded me to enjoy life. She works hard at the things she's passionate about. She puts up with my anxiety, my temperament, my big dreams. We used to take her dads gas card and drive to Logan or Vegas or San Diego just because we could. We grew up together in the sense that when we met we were completely different people than we are today but we still fit. She is grounded, wise, kind to everyone, honest, and fiercely loyal. We decided the day we met we would be friends forever and so far that friendship has been the easiest, most rewarding relationship I've ever had.

Meet Lauren.

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