Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Meet Cami.

The girl who's story you all want to know. She likes taco bell, fashion, thrift stores, Utah, cats, old movies, Indian food, taking naps, taking baths, taking naps in the bath, and using foul language the way only an 80 year old Navy veteran can. She is my saving grace. One time, in High School we were at her house and she put on her orange tennis skirt, blue rain boots, an old tshirt and a feather in her hair, then we walked out into public. She looked fabulous. One time we went to the Caribean and slept 12 hours a day, turned into Hispanic blondes, got asked if we were movie stars, and drank 17 pina coladas. Cami makes a point to ask every question. She knows exactly what it means if my hair is up instead of down or if I don't text back for 15 minutes.

She feels at home with my family. She likes to lay in bed and talk for hours. She calls me when I'm crying. She's in love with a brilliant man. She makes me feel young and reckless by reminding me of times when I was.

She thinks I can do anything I put my mind do. She thinks my life is enviable. I think the same about her.


Kristen Duke Photography said...

She makes me feel young and reckless by reminding me of times when I was.

This my friend, is the beauty of friendship. I've got a few of those gals who unfortunately live far away, but when we get together...oh is good.

Camilla Combs said...

I've never read this one before! You're amazing..and my best friend. Stay near me forever.